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Citroservice is a food service company founded in 2009 thanks to the initiative of a group of experts convinced of the need to integrate productive and commercial activities in order to offer high-quality products and services.

Its multi-disciplinary team is a major strength of the company, featuring entrepreneurs and professionals with a 40-years-long technical/commercial experience in the food sector, in particular in the citrus fruits sub-sector, and a deep knowledge of the territory and of the origin of the products.
The network benefits from long-term cooperative relationships with industry-leading production and transformation companies; this allows us to stand out through the trustworthiness of our service, the quality of our products, the flexibility and competitiveness of our prices, and our company mission.
Today, Citroservice works as a partner of the most important Italian companies in the beverage industry, but it has also achieved a remarkable reputation in the international market, thanks to the wide range of services and products on offer. The company’s location and its proximity to the Port of Gioia Tauro allow for convenient shipment of goods through containers.

Our products

Natural Juices


Concentrates Juices


Essential Oils




Our services

Citroservice offers a complete service, following the whole productive cycle, from the raw materials to the finished product, guaranteeing the highest quality possible in every phase.

Modern and dynamic, CitroService is interested in any technological innovation applied to possible new semi-finished products requested or offered by the various plants served by Citroservice.

Research & Development

Research&Development of new products, fine tuning of new semi-finished and finished products for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector.

Representative & Marketing

Agents/representatives for agri-food products. In particular natural juices and citrus fruits concentrates, essential oils, aromas and citrus fruits derivatives. Our constant search for the best raw materials and for innovative processes, coupled with our striving for continuous improvement, allows us to comply with the market’s incessant demand for innovative products.


Quality assurance – Quality control. Our network of companies boasts some of the most authoritative certifications and sophisticated technical equipment in the industry. Every sample undergoes meticulous laboratory analyses, in compliance with analytical international regulations and GMP qualitative standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). All supplied goods are provided with technical files and certificates that certify the outstanding quality of the raw materials.


Consulting services are tailored to customer requirement in order to optimize all processes and products. Our policy seeks case-by-case cooperation in order to meet the highest needs for quality and develop outstanding custom-designed products.

Management of clients’ portfolio

Guaranteeing constant assistance and control on the manufacturing and transformations until the final products.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of our products and a punctual service, we handle and monitor directly all manufacturing and transformation processes – from raw materials to finished goods. Thanks to efficient and punctual order management, as well as constant monitoring of supplying services, we are able to offer a complete and impeccable service to our customers.

Management of clients’ portfolio
Management of clients’ portfolio
Realization of turnkey plants
Realization of turnkey plants

Realization of turnkey plants

Consulting for the planning, realization,installation and fine tuning of turnkey plants in the food sector.

Through our long experience, we have developed a know-how that allows us to recognize the best technological solutions on the market and use them to design new projects and products, as well as to optimize ones that are already in use.



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